What Is The Relationship Between The Purchasing And Production Departments Of A Manufacturing Company?


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The purchasing/procurement department and the production department share the relationship of internal customers. The production department needs an infrastructure and raw materials for fulfilling their obligations and contribute towards production. It is only possible if the procurement department does it jobs and ensures a timely supply of required materials and essentials that are required for the production department's functioning. The flow of goods and services within the organization is supposed to be in tandem with their capacities and individual functions. Any inconsistency causes bottlenecks which in turn affect the effectiveness of the organization and the efficient usage of resources. Therefore, to maintain a balance smooth, transparent and streamlined operations are required within the departments of an organization.
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Purchasing means the act of buying and production means the act or process of producing something.

The buying department buys the raw material to manufacture a product. So that means there are inter-related to each other. No department can work efficiently without the coordination of other.
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purchasing and productions both are mandate to each other as without purchasing, production is not possible.

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