How Do I Check My Bank Balance From A Nedbank Account?


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If you have and Nedbank account and you need to check your balance, you can do it in several ways. The first is to go into a local branch and inquire. Be sure to take ID such as a passport, driving license or utility bill, in addition to your account information. Most branches are open from 09:00 to 16:00 local time. They have branches in all provinces and many are conveniently located, regardless of where you are. If you have trouble locating a branch, you can call 0860 115 060.

Nedbank also has Internet banking available. It is important and now that Nedbank will never ask you to access your account through a link in an email. They use strict SMS authorization and the facility requires you to personally visited branch and register details for future verification. They ask you to provide your cell phone number, a valid ID, and to allow 24 hours for the service to be activated. After the setup, which must occur in person of the local branch, you can then access your account online. They will provide information on how to do this when you set up your online banking account. They do not allow accounts to be set up on the Internet, but telephone banking services are available.

Nedbank has an excellent security protocol for the production of your account and assets. It is often a hassle to provide all of this information to access your account, but it is the only way to assure that your assets remain safe.

For more information you can visit their website at:
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By typing your account number
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Account number

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