What Is Retentive Advertising?


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Retentive advertising is the third stage of the advertising process.  It is the point in time when a company simply reminds you to buy from their brand.  I'll try to explain in more depth below:

  1. Stage one of the advertising process is known as pioneer advertising.  It's the part when a brand introduces itself to the market to get its name out and about,
  2. Stage two of the advertising process is known as competition advertising.  At this stage, the brand will compare itself to its competition as a way to tell the consumer that they should buy from them instead.
  3. The third and final part of the advertising process is known as retentive advertising. During this process, the brand simply remind you to buy from them, and doesn't bother to mention the competition.  This is often achieved through emails reminding you to visit the website, or providing you with offers.

Ultimately, retentive advertising is used by well known brands.  They no longer need to introduce themselves to you, and believe that you already know that they're better than the competition.

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