Where Can I Cash A Fidelity Investment Check?


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You can cash a Fidelity Investment check in a bank.

Fidelity Investments has over 60 years of professional experience concerning individual and corporate financial management. The company is a member of the New York Stock Exchange under the Fidelity Brokerage Services, LLC. Its principal office is located in Smithfield, Rhode Island. Through its website, Fidelity offers wide-ranging products from Brokerage accounts to savings accounts, retirement accounts to professionally managed accounts and charitable and estate planning accounts to life insurance and annuities.

One of the most preferred services of Fidelity is the Brokerage Account with Cash Management. It features a brokerage account with the mySmart Cash account which also acts as investment and checking account. This account separates the Brokerage account in order to address your spending and investing needs. It comes with the company's automated money transfer feature and the free self-funded overdraft protection.

Additionally, this type of account has a free alternative to a traditional checking account. This account will also allow you to access a variety of investments like stocks, ETFs and mutual funds companies, and they give you competitive margin rates and no annual fees when availing these services. Additionally, with the mySmart Cash account, you don't need to pay ATM fee, it also has free automated money transfers and unlimited checking. By availing of the Fidelity card, you can get 2% of your purchases into cash for your account.

Aside from these, you can also write checks in order to get into your Brokerage account. You also have easy access to your Brokerage account through its free standard checks and deposit slips, easy access and re-order of checks online. You can also enroll to added features like receiving and paying your bills online and easy access to merchants and ATMs all over the world. You can do this by simply visiting the website and filling out the necessary forms. Individuals and employers can also use the company's online money transfer from a bank to their Fidelity account.

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