Where Can I Cash A Check Without Id?


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You may not be able to cash a check without an ID, depending upon your situation.

If you have absolutely no ID on you, then you’ll most likely have to wait until you have some form of identification to be able to prove to the bank that you are who you say you are.

If you bank at the bank that you are trying to cash the check, they may have ways already set up to help provide you with a solution.

These include thumbprints and possibly visual data in their system. If your check card has a picture of you, then they’ll be able to access in the computer, see that you are in fact you and cash the check for you with no problems.

If, however, you are at a bank that is not your bank, you may not be so lucky. You may try showing them a credit card that has your photo on it. Otherwise, unless you are at a bank where you know the person behind the counter, you won’t be able to cash the check without an ID.

Your last way of doing so is by going to a bank or check cashing place with the person who’s account the check is written and THEY have ID. This is still a long shot, but if the person who wrote the check is around and you simply don’t have ID, it’s an option for you.

Cashing a check in almost any location requires ID for a reason. It’s a security measure so that a bank or check cashing location doesn’t give the money to the wrong person. It’s happened before and it will likely happen again because people are getting smarter about ways to commit fraud. So as a precaution, bring your ID and it will improve the entire process.
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If you have a simple picture ID whether it be a school Id or a library card with your picture on, you can go to certain Mini marts and cash your check, I have been cashing checks at a little liquor store for more then 8 months and I'm over 18 with only my old high school picture Id, it works everytime, just make sure your checks wont bounce or you will have to search and find another place to do it. Hope that helps.
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Nowhere you have to have an id or otherwise they would think you STOL it
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Highly unlikely they would cash it, unless they already know you, or you work for WalMart.  As you probably know, most places of business will not cash any type of check without proper ID.  

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