How To Convert Cross Check To Cash?


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Katie Harry answered
You need to have an account in a bank to be able to deposit a cross check. The account name should be the same as the name mentioned on the cross check.
When you receive a cross check, you take to your bank and deposit it into your account. What happens here is that the money is transferred from the account of the person who has given you the check into your bank account.
Now, once you have deposited the check in your account, you can withdraw as much of it as you want from your account. You can either fill out a check written out to 'Self' and get the cash from a bank teller or you can take out the cash you require from the ATM (Automated Teller Machine). You may also not take out the cash physically and still spend it by using your debit card or making online payments  for utility bills and such by using your credit card.
However, you have to first deposit it into your account before you can use the amount of money the check represents because without this the money is not yours. Once the money is transferred you are free to use the money any way you like by simply withdrawing it from your account.

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