How Can You Create A Quality Culture In Your Organization,as A Manager Of An Organization?


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You can do that by acting like a business analyst from time to time,give youself 30mins each day and evaluate your goal,then evaluate your solution,if you need one.2nd step is to find what makes your organisation tick,what are the people in it all about,learn from them and about them ,listen to what their needs are,try to meet them , if its not possible come up with an alternative, as I always believe every1 has a price.Doesnt always mean money!!
Lat thing you must do is challange you colleagues make them appreciate what they are doing and make them understand why , they will soon see that you not just some idiot delegating work .
Make them depend on you and your way of thinking,after that its up to you.What type of culture would suit you and your employees best,rember the humanity in people,let them see you see it.

Hope this helped ,if it hasnt ,then sorry :(

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