Define And Explain Quality Circles In An Organization?


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Quality Circles consists of a group of employees perhaps about eight in number, who meet regularly to discuss problems of quality and quantity control in their area of work, and perhaps to suggest ways of improving quality. The quality circle has a leader or supervisor who directs discussions and possibly also helps to train other members of the circle, it is also a way to encourage innovations.

Quality circles are not random group of employees. To make it work a number of factors must be considered when the circle is being formed.

1. A quality circle is a voluntary grouping. There is no point in coercing employees to join because the whole point is to develop a spontaneous concern for quality amongst workers.
2. Quality circle does not function automatically. Training may be needed in methods of quality control, problem-solving techniques and methods of communication.

3. The right leader must be chosen. The person required should be one who is capable of directing discussions and drawing out contributions from each members of the circle.
4. Quality circles require the energy and commitment of their members and these will not be forthcoming if management ignores their recommendations or limits them in scope.
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Quality circles are the groups in an organization who remain busy in increasing quality of the organization's product and processes. Quality circles are the groups of people which are made by the organization to solve and increase the efficiency of business.
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