What Is Quality Culture?


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Quality culture is an attitude and set of values employed by a company to improve the levels of quality in its service. This may be to improve the quality of relationships with customers, improve communication between employees or just to improve the attitude of employees. The best way to establish and maintain a positive quality culture is through regular training and educational sessions.

Companies may target key areas they may want to focus on as part of their quality culture program. This may be in line with the type of services offered to customers or the way in which the business operates as a whole across all departments.

Some of the values a company may focus on may include the following:

- The understanding that 'we are all in this together.' This may refer to the management team, employees, suppliers and customers. Without each of these groups working together in harmony, the company will be unable to operate to its full potential.
- Communication is vital to improve quality. Management teams should keep colleagues up-to-date with important corporate changes as this will make the company function more effectively. It will also improve morale.
- Everyone should be treated equally- this also applies to the management team. This follows the idea that all members of the company have the same goal and ideals- to do the very best they possibly can for the good of the company.
- There is no such thing as failure. Negative outcomes can only help employees learn from their mistakes and do better next time.
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Quality culture is basically incorporation of quality in the overall system of an organization which leads to a positive internal environment and creation of delighted customers. A changed mindset at all the levels of management is the basic tool for implementation of such a culture. As the process of initiating quality culture starts with managers who understand the value of the system's view and also believe in its implications. So in order to create such a culture a changed mindset was important. And it was achieved either through self realization at the top level or through trainings and workshops or following of benchmark organizations.
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A quality which has no non-conformance is the straightforward road to failure and delusion
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Implies quality centred values which will result to excellence either life or business.

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