Where Do I Go To Put My Approved Number In? At Www.netfristplatinum.com


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You should be aware before going ahead with using your Net Trust Platinum card, it could well be a scam and you could be left with a rather large bill. If you got a tempting offer for a $500 unsecured credit line from Net Trust Platinum, or if you decided to sign up for a card through their site, you may be the victim of an all-too-common online credit card "bait and switch”.

Since they disclose this information on the site, they aren’t technically doing anything illegal, but it’s hard to argue that what they are doing is 'right'. 
Although Net First advertise that they don't perform a credit check, and that they guarantee approval, getting the card isn’t a foregone conclusion. Previous consumers have paid the $29 processing fee to open the card but never received it.

There’s also a $24.95 monthly maintenance fee auto-debited "for ease and convenience”. Charging $300 worth of fees annually makes the Net First Platinum one of the most expensive 'credit cards' we’ve seen.

If you’ve faced any similar issues, such as not receiving a card after paying the fee, we encourage you to call the company during regular business hours at 1-800-251-6144 and cancel your account immediately. If, like many of the Complaints Board members, you aren’t able to have your problems resolved by the company, try filing a complaint to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, which is there to help protect consumers just like you.

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