Where Do I Put My Approval Number For


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First of all, you are not the only person to have queried this. In fact, many others have similar questions which have developed into concerns when they have further investigated what this company actually offers you. The parent company of this site is Horizon Card Services. You should be advised to think very carefully about proceeding with this. There appears to be a shared opinion that this website is an elaborate scam to gain access to your personal information and finances. The site itself presents a log in page where you are required to input your email address, zip code and pre-approval code. This may be the field where you put the approval number they have provided you with. However, be sure that you are fully aware that this site does not offer you a legitimate credit card.

The following is taken from the small print found under "Horizon Card Services is not a credit services organization, banking institution or insurance company...this product is not a visa, mastercard, or debit card. Horizon Card Services account is a line of credit that can be used by an account holder to shop exclusively at our online shopping website". The URL that they give to this online shopping website appears to be corrupted.

What's more, there is no troubleshooting facility on the site or any contact number to call. Your best option before going any further would be to contact Horizon Card Services directly. The address listed is: Horizon Card Services, PO Box 1275, Indiana, PA 15701. The principal is listed as: Robert Kane, President.

Hopefully you will be able to get through to someone on this number: 18002516144. Be vigilant in finding out more information about what you've signed up for. Do not volunteer any further personal information. If they refuse to assist you, you should take this matter to the authorities.
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HOW do I get it the to enter my approval number please help me if you can
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I'm online now! And every time I go to a site pertaining to inputting my approval code it takes me to an off link how or where do I enter my approval number?
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Find a phone number and call it as this is a huge problem when done by others having the same problem so may be a scam
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This Carla Thomas I got my approval number and I'm not sure this number for

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