I Got My Approval Number On Netfirstplatinum Where To Put It?


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Having a credit card is important nowadays as carrying too much cash can be a problem. The best place to look for the place to put the approval number is on the company website. Many people seem to be having the same problem and not knowing what to do once they have been approved and by looking online they all seem to be getting the same information. There is a box on the website for the approval number to be entered but before getting to it do a bit more research on the card.

A search engine will bring up the exact address of the website. Once this has been logged onto there is a place to fill in the approval code. This seems to be where most people stop being happy with the card. Once the acceptance has been registered there is an attempt to put a $5 fee onto the card.  This is classed as a one off membership fee but there does not seem to be a good reason why this should happen. Add to that the fact that there is then a $24.95 per month fee for having the card it seems an expensive way to try to keep money safe. Most reviewers have not carried on with the card once they know the full extent of the charges.

As there are plenty of other cards that ill not charge this sort of fee many reviewer think it will be best to forget about the approval number and not let it go anywhere.
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First of all I got the web address by searching through Bing as  There is a place for you to put in your approval code, once you get passed that, they want to know if you have direct deposit, once you put your credit card information there they want to charge you a 1 time 5.00 membership fee, a monthly fee of 24.95, for a total of 29.95 charged to your credit card for staying a member charged as Horizon Card Services.  Here is your answer, proceed at your own risk.  I got my postcard, but after seeing what it was all about I let I go.
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When do I get my card and does it have money on it already

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