I have a approval number for netfirstplatinum where do i put it?


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If you have received this approval number from Net First Platinum in the mail with no prompt from yourself, then be very wary. Internet searches suggest that the credit card scheme they offer is in fact a scam. The official Net First Platinum website suggests that with no credit check and a guaranteed approval you can receive up to $500 with 0 per cent APR. On further inspection, you can see that in fact the money that you receive can only be used to spend on The Horizon Outlet Store online (another website that if searched for on Google brings up reports of scams before the official website).

Individuals who have entered their approval number to sign up for a Net First Platinum card and have realised that the money can only be used on this website say that the products for sale at Horizon Online are very expensive and overpriced and could be found much cheaper elsewhere.

Anyone receiving a Net First Platinum card in the post hoping to sign up for credit to help with any financial problems should steer clear, as once you have agreed to receive a card you will not be able to opt out again. People work very hard to carry out scams and it is easy to get sucked into them.

If you are having financial problems, then applying for cards received in the post is not your best option. There are plenty of genuine credit cards that can be used and while they may not offer rates as good as scam services such as Net First Platinum, it is because the majority of the time these claims are too good to be true. Read all of the terms and conditions extremely carefully for anything you sign up for, particularly if it involves money.
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Hmmm...netfirstplatinum 500.00$$ perapproved credit line , please reply by 8/17/2010... Must be a scam... Ive already had to shut down my bank account due  to this sort of offer... On a preapproved pay day loan.... Who- ever I filled out the bank information to debitted my account , and I never  recieved a loan. And  when I did finally make  contact, and  was  approved , for  the loan they told  me  they couldnt  loan me the  money cause I didnt have direct deposite... They debited my account 4 times, over draft charges, 213.00bucks... Bank shut  the  account  down ,and has denied them payment...I didnt order online prducts, I apllied  for  a loan , and  that was all I asked  for .... 2nd time this has happened ... With the payday loans... I,m going to get you theif...
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I just received one of their post cards in the mail.I'm trying to visit there website,but I'm getting nowhere.I'm thinking this is a scam.Some people just don't have morals.Peoplework hard for their money,and times are hard to get caught up in a scam.

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