What Is The Wachovia Bank Routing Number For East Coast, Miami, Florida?


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  • Finding the routing number

Have a look at this link as it provides all of the routing numbers for the Wachovia banks in that area, and so should hopefully be what you are after: .

  • What routing numbers are used for in banks

Routing numbers are nine figure long codes that are usually found on checks. They are used in America and allow people to see where the check comes from and to make it easier for delivering them back to the writer's account. 

First conceived in 1910 by the American Bankers Association, the routing transit number, or RTN as it is more commonly known, is also used to administer automatic transfers such as bill payments and direct deposits.

  • The American Bankers Association

Also known as the ABA, the American Bankers Association is based in Washington, D.C. Established in 1875, it is an industry trade group that represents the banking industry of America. 

Employing over two million people throughout the states, the American Bankers Association members consist of banks of various different sizes and make up over 95 per cent of the company, whose assets are worth well over 13.5 trillion dollars. 

All members are provided with a range of opportunities, all of which are designed to help with their professional development. These include telephone briefings, online training, diplomas and certificates, conferences, schools, e-learning and of course, the certificate that is held in the highest esteem by many from the Institute of Certified Bankers, more commonly known as an ICB.

The American Banks Association also provides an education foundation, whose mission is to aid bankers to improve the societies that they live in through financial education. This program has helped teach nearly 3.3 million children and adolescents the various concepts of money and finance, and is held in high admiration by many.

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