What Are The Marketing Strategies For Ufone?


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Ufone is the second largest GSM network in Pakistan.
Ufone Marketing strategy at time of its launch was to offer low rates compared to Mobilink and to portrayed its product with following caption:
"Its all about you".
This also made people realize that Ufone is more caring.
Ufone provide its coverage in bigger cities first(like all networks) to capture big share of market. Although its low coverage and signal problems kept it below Mobilink and also got it below telenor(only once). Ufone was Pakistan's first GPRS Provider and always managed to get its share more than all others(except Mobilink).
Ufone is now here with new Marketing strategy. Pakistani Market which was once driven by "Low Rates" is now more interested in "Value Added Services" because GSM networks already offered the lowest possible call rates and now their rates are very much alike, Like Ufone's WON, Mobilink's Jazz one, Telenor's A1 etc.
So, Ufone decided to excel in new wave of marketing which is "Value Added Services" and made first moves in introducing "Call Blocking", "Push to Talk", "Song Catcher" in Pakistan. Ufone is also planning to introduce "Blackberry on Prepaid". Attractive SMS and Voice packages for young ones and adults are always there along with Promotions like free minutes, free credit etc keeping up its attraction for everyone.
As of September 2008, Ufone's customer base is 18.80 million customers.
And close rival telenor's customer base is 18.47 million customers.
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