What Are The Strategies For Manpower Planning?


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People should be encouraged to engage in such a productive activities which are needed to accelerate the process of development. In the majority of LDCs due recognition in the form of good salary and high social status is not given to persons with critical skills. Often political pressure, cast system etc. results in tragic waste of resources. This results in moving to advance countries for better job opportunities. To avoid the brain-drain, LDCs should build appropriate incentives within the country.

The investment in education may be wasted unless the people have the will to prepare for
And engage in those activities which are needed for accelerated growth. Moreover, the market mechanism should be more effective for optimum allocation of manpower.
There is a need to upgrade the qualifications and improving the performance of employed manpower in strategic occupations.

For this purpose, efforts should be made to develop management training programme, supervisory training courses and productivity centers etc. universities and vocational institutes can start part time courses and refresher courses. The traditional agricultural set-up be transformed by introducing extension programme etc. the basic education be provided to the farmers. But these measures are dependent upon basic programme of the land reform.

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