What Are The Marketing Problems Faced By Mobilink Within Pakistan?


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Mobilink is a name of company which is giving services of cell phone in Pakistan. This company is really facing problem at times when it comes to marketing and advertising Due to their competitors in the market.

And to overcome this problem they need to work hard. There is another problem regarding advertisement and marketing which are the traditional and religious standards of Pakistan. This culture does not allow the marketers to make very bold and nude commercial and signboards for their company because it is considered as very disgusting.

Another problem which is faced by Mobilink in order to their advertising is the heavy rates o taxes in Pakistan. Due to these heavy taxes company can't assign much capital in the field of advertising and marketing.

Sometimes the weather condition also matter most in the country like Pakistan. So Mobilink is facing many problems which I've mentioned above in respect to advertising and marketing concern. But they can overcome these problems by announcing new policies and good packages.

I think that I have provided you enough good information about the problems which are faced by the company named Mobilink Pakistan.

So it is enough for you to know.
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What are the examples of market challenges??? Give examples in 3 or 4 lines with refer to Pakistan or globally??
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This company is trying to compete with other competitors like zong and ufone. But I think it still not competing especially in the sms area. On the whole ufone is trying to be go as advanced in introducing innovative in cellular industry. Thank you.
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Currently, government of Pakistan is trying to attract private investments especially from foreign investors. Last year, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) gave two new licenses to GSM mobile service providers namely Telenor and Warid. Since than a price war started between existing market players that are especially Mobilink and Ufone and Paktel also shifted its D-AMPS technology to GSM and trying to enter in the competition.

Quality of service is very important as far as mobile service providers, unfortunately there are complaints mobile users against the big market players especially. PTA is the only regulatory authority in the telecommunication industry, in the past PTA conducted a consumer survey to check the quality of service of mobile service providers. Mobilink has been fined for poor quality of service as compare to other market players.

Marketing Problem of Mobilink

In this current situation Mobilink is now facing problems first of all in the customer satisfaction area because as Mobilink sold over capacity connections in the market and secondly with the entry of new market players that are Telenor and Warid a price war is going on and how target the new potential customers as well as satisfying existing one to retain its market position.

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