What Are The 4 Levels Of A Market Oriented Strategy?


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Market oriented strategies are the keys to success in today's business world. Before a strategy is made, a study of the structure of the market place is very important as this will help in defining the different goals and where the actions should be focused. A thorough understanding the marketplace with provide the necessary ingredients of success of a company or business. The various levels of this strategy should be:
1) To identify the growth opportunities for a specific sector. To know where is the need and how to fulfil them.
2) The second level would be identifying the products and/or services which are in demand an hence should be developed
3) The third level should be a research of how a competitive edge could be developed for the business.
4) The forth level should be setting up of long term goals and objectives. This will allow the proper allocation of resources and putting the action items in with the required time-lines.

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