What Is The Role Of Ceo In A Company?


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In summary, CEO to Board of Directors is responsible for, and often a member of
the board of directors. Company or organization in the implementation of final
management decision-making powers. CEO in smaller enterprises may also be
Chairman of the Board and CEO, but in large enterprises in these positions are
often held by different people, to avoid a person in an enterprise role to play
too much with too much power, but also avoids the company itself and the
company's owners (the shareholders) between the conflict of interest. CEO's main
responsibilities are: First, the company's all important matters of business
operations decisions, including on finance, management direction, business scope
of the change in Deng; 2, participate in the Board's decision, the Executive
Board of the resolution; III, presided over companies ordinary course of
business activities; 4, external contracts or on business; 5, appointment and
removal of the company's senior management; 6, report regularly to the Board of
Directors the operations, submit an annual report. CEO's other duties also
include establishing, consolidate or change the corporate culture, team building
and so on.

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