What Are The Names Of The Top 20 MNC Companies Operating In India And Their CEO's Names?


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The answer to this question changes regularly meaning an exact answer is difficult, however the top 20 tends to include the names listed below (the order being subject to change due to factors such as recession, time of year, introduction of new product etc). These also differ depending on how you measure 'top' companies; for example, the one with the highest revenue may not be the most with the most employees or the one which trades in the most countries etc.

A CEO (or Chief Executive Officer) is the most senior member of a company (although typically they are not the owner and so will still have to answer to someone). The CEO of a company will report to the board of directors and will oversee most of the major decisions. The list below shows the Top MNC's (multi-national corporations) operating in India at who their current CEO is (as of 2011).

Microsoft (CEO Steve Ballmer)

Nokia (CEO Stephen Elop)

Toyota (CEO Akio Toyoda)

Intel (CEO Paul Otellini)

Coca Cola (CEO Atul Singh)

Sony (CEO Sir Howard Stringer)

IBM (CEO Samuel J. Palmisano)

General Electric (CEO Jeffery Immelt)

Nike (CEO Mark Parker)

Citigroup (CEO Vikram Pandit)

Hewlett-Packard (CEO Léo Apotheker)

Samsung (CEO Yoon Woo Lee)

Oracle (CEO Larry Ellison)

Cisco (CEO John Chambers)

Epson (CEO Seiji Hanaoka)

Logitech (CEO Gerald P. Quindlen)

Canon (CEO Fujio Mitarai)

Dell (CEO Michael Dell)

LG Electronics (CEO Koo Bon Joon)

Acer (CEO Gianfranco Lanci)

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