Is There A Loan That Can Be Directly Deposited Unto My Netspend Debit Card?


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With the use of the Netspend Premier card service, you should be able to deposit loans directly onto your Netspend card. You cannot directly deposit loans onto a standard Netspend debit card. 

The Netspend Premier card is the highest level of service offered by the company and can only be activated once you have reached a particular quantity of deposits. The minimum amount of money that must be deposited into your Netspend account in order to qualify for the Premier service is $500. However, once you have fulfilled the criteria required to qualify, you should receive the upgrade free of charge.

It has been suggested that the Netspend Premier card delivers the direct deposits quicker than the regular card. As well as this, you are offered a $10 purchase cushion to help those whose balance has become quite low. There is also a 5.00% APY savings account thrown in when you qualify for your upgrade for the Premier Netspend card.

As stated before, there are a number of benefits that come with upgrading to the Netspend Premier card, but they both still work in the same way. They work in a similar way to a gift card.

You load an amount of money you wish onto the card and spend it accordingly. You cannot go into an overdraft and you will not require a bank account in order to obtain one. They can be used in numerous shopping outlets such as gas stations and supermarkets.
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If you have a NetSpend Premier Card, you can get loans through the iAdvance website(  The loans are directly deposited onto the Premier card.  You will have to have a minimum of $500 Direct Deposit going to your NetSpend Premier card in order to qualify for this service.  A regular NetSpend card won't work - it has to be the Premier card.  Go to the NetSpend website to learn how to convert your regular card to the Premier card.

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