How can i get a loan direct deposit onto my prepaid achieve card?


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It's nice to look forward to payday every week, but you haven't truly been paid until you can use the money to pay bills or make other purchases. If you can't get to the bank easily, and if your work schedule is inflexible, it can take many days to finally get to the bank to deposit your check. Direct deposit programs can help by eliminating the need to manually cash the check. If you need a way to add checks to your debit card account more quickly, ask your employer if the company offers a direct deposit program for payroll checks.
However, the only catch is that they require you to use their own debit card - rather than a prepaid one you hold with another company.

The reason the regulation is so tight (and why other, more well known lenders don't encourage this practice) is because customers that have a current checking account are more likely to be earning money on a regular basis, and therefor able to repay a loan.

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