How To Get Payday Loan On Netspend Card D?


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To get a payday loan on a Netspend card, one needs to apply online by filling out a basic form, or by phoning the company to have them take your information and then fax you a contract. The phone method does take longer. You need to have a valid bank account to apply for, and be approved for, a payday loan.

Netspend is an American company that provides card based, prepaid financial products to people throughout the United States. They are licensed in every state. Netspend has merged with another similar company called CheckCity. CheckCity is a check cashing and payday loan provider for Americans, mainly in the mid-Atlantic and Mountain west. They have more than 70 locations between Virginia, Colorado, Utah, Maryland, and Nevada.

To get a payday loan, it may be a good start to contact CheckCity online at and fill out the form or contact them toll free at (800) 404-0254 as they are affiliated with Netspend. Once you are approved for a payday loan, the money is deposited electronically directly into your account.

In most instances, the amount of the loan is due in full either on your next payday, or shortly thereafter. That money is withdrawn directly from your bank account. If you are not able to pay the entire loan in full on your next payday, it is possible to do a renewal option. This option varies from state to state so it will be necessary to inquire directly with the CheckCity payday loan you use. It is also an option to pay the loan back with a debit or credit card. To do this, you will need to phone CheckCity the day before the loan is due.
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If you have a NetSpend Premier Card, you can get loans through the iAdvance website(  You will have to have a minimum of $500 Direct Deposit going to your NetSpend Premier card in order to qualify for this service.  A regular NetSpend card won't work - it has to be the Premier card.  Go to the NetSpend website to learn how to convert your regular card to the Premier card.
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Just so you know if you take out the max of $500 your interest payments will kill you. The interest on those cash loans or cash advances are well over 50% you will owe more than double and drown yourself in debt. Left unpaid will incur over 3months period almost $4,000.
Don't do it. If you need money, ask to borrow with promise in small payments to give it back. Or ask multiple people. Heck, if your going to school ask for school loan or sell something. Ask a credit union if you can get a loan based on collateral. Meaning you give something to them of the amount of money you need that the item is worth in promise of payback.
But if you must know.
You need references for (netspend), job and certain amount  of pay to qualify. Don't do it

What will I need for an Easy Money Cash Advance?

    * Bring your most recent Pay Stub
      (If you receive fixed income, a bank statement showing your direct deposit or awards letter)
    * Bring your Government Issued Photo ID (driver's license, military ID, passport, etc.)
    * And bring your check book (Its OK if you don't have any checks.)

I have some NSF charges on my checking account statement, will that be a problem?
No, non sufficient fund charges or an overdrawn account balance will not affect your approval.
What is the limit on the amount of my cash advance?
Our cash advances are from $100 – 500. There is not a limit on the amount of your first advance.
What is the fee for a cash advance?
Our fee is 17.5% of the amount advanced. For example, the fee for a $100 advance is $17.50.
Will my employer or family members know that I am getting a cash advance?
No, the process is completely confidential.
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Life can be full of surprises, pleasant and unpleasant. It happened so that I got into a car accident by my fault. The car was damaged but as far as I worked as a driver, I had to reapir it otherwise I would have lost my job. I got money from friends, relatives and still it was not enough. My friend advised me to take a Payday Loan here. I refused to do that at frist but the money I had was not enough for the repair works. I filled in the form and got the necessary sum within an hour. I repaired my car and came back to work.

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