How Do I Get A Loan Deposited To My Prepaid Debit Card?


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Different cards and different areas may use different systems for getting money onto the card. Most you can do simply by check whereas others you may be given a number (similar to an account number) which will allow you to add money in a similar way to how you would pay money in to a bank.

The best way, which is definitely a universal method, would be to ask for the loan to be paid by check and then add the check to your prepaid debit card as normal. This will work with any provider and in general most loan companies will be happy to provide you with a check as opposed to paying it straight into an account.

The other possibility is to ask the provider of your card what your options are for adding fund to the prepaid debit card; it may be that they can arrange something with the loan company or may be able to give you a number which would allow them to pay the money directly on to your card in the way they would with a usual bank account.

Don't forget when getting out a loan to shop around to ensure you are getting the best deal for you. Try independent comparison sites if you are uncertain about whom to go with to ensure you don't end up paying more back than you need to. Although it's tempting to go with the 0% for one year deals; make sure you look at the small point before selecting one.

The deals which seem much better than others often have a catch; the 0% for one year often charges a higher interest rate once you do start paying the money back. If you feel you can pay the loan back in full after the one year these deals will be fine, but try and work out your overall payments when deciding on which is best to be certain you won't be paying back too much.

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