These Should Give You Insight Into Why The Candidate Can Fulfill The Requirements Outlined By The HR Manager?


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  1. Why you left your previous job? (The way he answer this
    question will show his communication skills).
  2. How much your pay scale should be? (For the previous pay estimation)
  3. If some one is not happy with the job how will you satisfy
    him? (Give some scenario this will show his managerial skills).
  4. Ask if he has faced any such scenario and how he handled
    that. (will show his real time managerial skills).
  5. Where do you see
    yourself in five years? (will show how determine the candidate is, whether he
    will stay with the company for longer time or not. Also evaluates your planning).
  6. Why do you want to
    work with us? (Evaluates the candidate motivation and goals.)
  7. Why we hire you? (To know what you can do for the company.)
  8. What is your strength and weakness? (not useful but

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