What Makes You Think That You Are The Right Candidate For The Job?


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What makes you think you are the right candidate for the job is a common question in interviews. Now what you must remember when going to any interview is out of all the people that applied for the job, you have already been chosen to go for an interview which mean the employers already like what they know of you from you CV, personal statement and references. So remember to be confident and stay calm, all you have to do now is prove to them that what they think about you is correct and add any extra details which make you sound even better that you couldn’t fit on your CV and personal statement.

Once you’ve done all these things, we come back round to answering the question what makes you think that you are the right candidate for the job. So you’ll have already answered several questions, as this is usually the last question to be asked in a job interview. Those questions will have been things like what would you do in a set scenario or what do you think of the company coming from outside of it. But this question, ‘what makes you think you are the right candidate for the job’ is much more of a personal question. You have to answer with the true reason you think you are best for the job by informing them of what experience you have that will help you do well at the job, as well as the things you want to give to the job and ideas that you may have. But you have to do that without sounding arrogant. However that doesn’t mean that you can’t big yourself up as that’s exactly what you need to do, but make sure you are doing that in the correct professional way. Also, as a way of finishing your answer to this question it’s always useful to say what you hope to gain from the job such as the skills and experiences.
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I think I'm the right candidate because I'm very open minded and I'm detail oriented I'm also out going when I'm very friendly
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It is commonly seen that the right candidate would be a strong, intelligent, energetic and a confident person. But when you are applying for any type of jobs that you would like to start off only for temporary reason then the interview best suits you as you would like to go about. When you are being interviewed for an ideal candidate you should make the most effort that you are capable of.

Firstly, deciding on the reason why do you want to join that particular industry/firm? It would be useless to try and take up different types of jobs in the same firm. All have their reasons but you should have clear thoughts on why do you want to try that type of job?

Secondly, look at the job responsibilities. What does this job require from me? How long does it want me to stay in office or make frequent trip within the city or outside. Some jobs might have travelling conditions which is not suitable for all.

Thirdly, are you qualified for this job? Understanding, that I am not over qualified for this job or that this job is not too vigorously challenging. Is the office environment friendly or a hostile one? Fourthly, what kind of expectations do you have based on salary? Some jobs are based on commission – more business more income. One should also look into the distance from your residence to the work area. These are a few general reasons that a person should understand before joining any sort of work force as an appropriate candidate.
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I feel that my experience and education fit the type of person you are looking for to fill this position
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Put me in a situation related to the profile where my creative intelligence is tested. If my answer is innovative, just select me.
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The reason being that working for UN DP will definitely expose to work for an international reputable organisation which cater development of many economies of the world coupled with my educational background with an international exposure in united kingdom.
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I am able to improve myself which helps me in perfecting myself and also groom myself for the requirements of the job. If I feel that the job is not better for me, then I will try to better myself then getting chucked out.
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Thangboi Lhungdim
What makes me think I am the right candidate for the job ? Well !! What makes you think you can know me in just a few minutes of an interview. You will ask me for experience and that's where I will most probably fail. Unless a company like yours hire me and give me the chance how am I to get the experience ?
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Would give a memo that is already set up and wrote?

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