What Are Three Project Selection Criteria? What Do You Think Is The Most Important Information Required To Select A Project? How Would You Explain To Your Manager That A Project That Is Important To His Or Her Department Is Not Beneficial For The Org


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The term selection criteria has only been used when it comes to talking about the selection criteria that is used to select from applicants who have applied for one job. The criteria that are involved in selecting a project will usually depend on the type of project that you are trying to undertake, and each criteria will be different.

Below are some things that are involved in key selection criteria for job selection.

  • The job description.
Usually, a detailed job description will explain any characteristics that the employee will need to have for them to perform their job effectively and as well as they possibly can. Often, the selection criteria for any kind of job can be easily grouped into three categories. These categories are: Skills that are technical based, skills that are non technical based and organizational fit skills. Below is a further description of each of these requirements.

  • Technical skills.
Every single job that anyone can apply for requires some kind of technical skills or knowledge or abilities that suit that job role specifically. During the processes that are involved in selecting candidates, the hiring company will look at prospective candidate's past experience or may require them to complete a training course before hand.

  • Non technical skills.
These are also known as soft skills and even though they may not be as valuable as technical skills, they will help any employee to perform their job effectively. Examples of these types of skills include communication skills, problem solving, multi tasking and interpersonal skills.

  • Organizational fit.
Organizational fit refers to how well the prospective employee will fit in with the company's culture. This is most easily tested by face to face interviews with employers and sometimes personality tests, if fitting in with the company culture is extremely important. The employers who interview the clients will evaluate the candidate's motivations and personality.

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