What Are The Features Of Organization?


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Main features are:
Common explicit goals
co ordination
hierarchy of authority
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1. Identifying the objectives
2. Areas of responsibility
3. Designation of posts and responsibilities
4. According levels of authority
5. Statement of policy and code of conduct.
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An organizational chart is an Organogram of a company which shows the hierarchy of the workers and their relationships with each other. A good organizational chart is the one which has following features. Firstly, a good organizational chart shows the direct relationship between the subordinates and their superiors. Secondly, it shows the relationship among various departments of the company, operating at the same hierarchical level. Thirdly, a good organizational chart shows the links between the specialist position and other areas. In other words, it shows the authority in the organization. In addition, an organization chart should also show the span of control of the managers.

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