I Am Currently Receiving Unemployment From Florida. I Was Told Today They Put A Hold On My Unemployment Because I Am Attending School. They Stated If I Am Available From Work How Can I Go To School. Is This Legal?


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Unfortunately for you, yes, but you may try filing an appeal. To be eligible for unemployment you must be available and seeking employment.

If you are still actively seeking employment while you are attending school and have followed your states requirements for job searching, file an appeal. You do not have to go out and get a lawyer. Everyone has a right to file an appeal.

Contact the FLA unemployment bureau and tell them you need the paperwork to file for an appeal.
I know personally:  I lived in Florida and rec'd unemployment while I attended college. I simply had to have a form signed by the dean stating that I did in fact attend my classes.  Are you a full time student?  This may be the issue...
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I was receiving unemployment and was put on hold since I am attending a tech inal school partime from 5-9 pm, and I can also study from home (on-line) is this legal what to I have to do

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