Does Unemployment Pay For School In Florida?


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Unemployment does have a "Dislocated Worker" program that will pay for you to return to school and earn a degree or certification as long as that school is complete within 2 years and I think they have a maximum cost of $6,000. The catch is - unemployment will NOT pay you your benefits while you attend school unless you make yourself available for full time work. What does that mean - you can either go to school full time and forget about money for your bills, or try to find a job and quit school when a job is offered. I just went through an appeal - have been completely honest with Florida Unemployment and they turned my claim down. I have been unemployed since October 1, 2008 and was unable to land a job as a Real Estate Legal Assistant because of the market crash. So, my options were to go back to school and earn a degree or certification - which I currently do not hold - and find a better job that will hire me with my new degree. Well, started school and unemployment cut my benefits.

I have learned the system - get the funds to go to school and then lie about searching for work. Apply to anything and everything that your are not qualified for so that your benefits continue to flow while you attend school. Good luck!
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True! Some how my unemployment was screwed up along the way & I was w/out unemployment for months until now that it has reopened & I won't be payed until they call me to verify my class hours to see if it fits that I'm "available for work any time". I regret mentioning Im enrolled in an Allied Health Care program. So bet I will be lying! I've payed my taxes! This semester is pretty much over & that leaves me 1 more semester before I'm awarded my degree. Who doesnt need all the help they can get?
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You can either contact the school system in Florida or you can contact the unemployment office and find out

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