I Live In Michigan And My Hours Got Cut At Work. I Am Going From A Full Time To Part Time. Can I Collect Unemployment To Make Up For My Hours?


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Yes, you should file for benefits.  Your are entitled to partial benefits.
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Michigan defines partial unemployment as a week of less than full-time employment in which your earnings are less than 1 1/2 x your weekly benefit amount (calculated by wages earned in your base period).   For each $1 earned, your weekly benefit amount is reduced by 50 cents, but benefits and earnings will never be more than 1 1/2 x your weekly benefits amount.  In addition, anything you earn over 1/2 of your weekly benefit amount the state begins reducing what you'll receive dollar for dollar.

A fairly Not straight forward formula, but for simplicity, let's say you receive  the maximum you can get in Michigan of $362 which by the way requires approx.  Earnings of $679 a week.  

To qualify for partial unemployment in Michigan you would first need to earn no more than $543.  Of course you wouldn't get anything because this is 1 1/2 x your WBA.  Remember they start deducting dollar for dollar after you've earned $181 (1/2 x WBA).

Basically, Michigan is trying to say they disregard earnings equaling 25% of your weekly benefit amount.

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