What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Robots In Manufacturing Companies?


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• The initial investment of robots is significant, especially when business owners are limiting their purchases to new robotic equipment.
• Incorporating industrial robots does not guarantee results. Without planning, companies can have difficulty achieving their goals.
• Employees will require training in programming and interacting with the new robotic equipment. This normally takes time and financial output.
• Robots may protect workers from some hazards, but in the meantime, their very presence can create other safety problems. These new dangers must be taken into consideration.
• The robots might not respond as well, and it might go out of control. They also cost lots of money to buy or build, and only do what they are programmed to do.
• They have limited duties. They can only do what they have been ordered to do.
• People can lose jobs in factories
• It needs a supply of power
• It needs maintenance to keep it running
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The disadvantage of robot was their capacity to do human task for example cutting machine vs. Human. Robot have lose their gear for several month or week but human can do and they  have feelings so say what problem but robot have not.

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