How Do I File My First Ui Extension In Ca?


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John Holtel answered
The First UI Extension is filed automatically as long as you meet certain criteria. You have to earn 40 times your weekly benefit amount in your base period which is one year. If a person only worked one quarter during their one year base period they might not meet this qualification.
Say for example your weekly benefit amount is $100 and you only worked a total of 4 months during your base period. (4 weeks per month * 4 months) = approx 16 weeks. Say for example you made 200 per week at your previous employer. (200 per week * 16 weeks) = approx $3200. If you made only $3200 during your one year base period then thats less than 40 times your weekly benefit amount of $100 which would total $4000.
I myself meet all requirements except I worked at a temp agency for 2 days in December of 2009 which will cause me to exhaust my original 26 week claim one week after the 02/20/2010 deadline. It doesn't seem fair that working those two days will cause me to completely lose out on the first extension. With a record number of claims in 2009 I'm sure the deadline will be pushed forward otherwise there will be rioting in the streets.

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