I Am On Disability Through California.. Can I File An Extension F Mine Is About To Run Out?


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In California you can collect SDI for one year.  (State Disability Insurance)  Afterwards, if you cannot go back to the job you had, meaning you had to quit it, you can collect unemployment at that time if a doctor certifies you are able to work.
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Yes your sdl is good for a year. I have had 2 operations a month after each other. I'm not ready to go back to work.. I'm writing the letter to my doctor for 6 more weeks. Yes I'm making more on SDL then EDD
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Was the eligibility for disability claims extended with the unemployment extensions?  If a person on FEDED has a injury where the doctor has them in bandages for a month, are they eligible for disability insurance payments from earnings in 2008- 2009?
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Yes you can collect unemployment if your employer does give you your job back. You just can't collect disability and unemployment at the same time. Your employer can fight paying your unemployment. In mosty cases they don't because it looks bad on there part. Not giving a employee his job back after being injured on the job. Mine did not do that because he knows I would sew him. Unemployment pays 70% less than disability.
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Veronica0 - California State Temporary Disability Insurance is a state program and has nothing to do with federal unemployment benefits, so no, the federal unemployment extension does not apply to those benefits. Also, you must file for California State Temporary Disability Insurance within 49 days of the illness or injury that prevents you from working, so no, you cannot now collect benefits from an event that happened 2 years ago.

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