What Are The Challenges And Opportunities For Organizational Behavior?


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Organizational behaviour primarily refers to the study of groups of people and the way they interact within a business organization.

There are many challenges and opportunities for organisational behaviour as follows:


1.  Diversity in work is a challenge due to the fact that each employee has their own individual views, beliefs and backgrounds which may clash with another person's view.

2. Hopelessness in employment occurs when employees feel demotivated at work and need further encouragement

3. Globalization plays a key part in the way groups of people interact in business especially when they have the challenge of competing with strong global organisations around the world who have solid teams.

4. Innovation can be a challenge when employees are resistant to change and adapt to new models of technology or working methods

5. Time pressures can pose a strain on employees who may become less productive and stressed to complete their work to the expectations of their employers.


1.  There is an opportunity for employees to embrace diversity and listen and respond positively to other people's views in order to promote a wider range of ideas.

2.  Organizations can tackle demotivated employees by encouraging them to work together for one common goal and establishing incentives at work.

3. Globalization provides scope for employees to understand other cultures and the way that different people around the world approach work.

4. Employees have the opportunity to embrace innovation and take on change positively. This will help to develop and keep up with the growing technological advancement in business.

5.  There is an opportunity for businesses to help their employees in handling time pressures effectively in order to manage their work and deliver better quality services.

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