What Are The Core Topics Of Organizational Behavior?


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The following are the core topics of Organizational Behavior: Individual, group and the organization system.

Organizational Behavior or OB is the study of how people both individual and groups perform, behave and take action in an organization set up. The primary purpose of Organizational Behavior is to apply principles to improve the organization's efficiency, leadership skills and valuable human and organizational relationship.

The individual is one of the core topics of Organizational Behavior. It studies the individual behavior of a person in an organization set up. Organizational behavior uses theories and concepts to study and manage an individual attitude. Among the tools used are: Personality and emotion, ability and learning, motivation, attitude and job satisfaction concepts and applications. Leadership skills are also taken into consideration in organizational behavior. Managers in the organization use the organizational behavior tools and concepts in order to plan, organize, lead and control the human resources of the organization to enhance the employees' productivity and efficiency.

The group is another core topic of organizational behavior. Concepts like: Group and team work, communication functions, conflict and negotiation machinery and coordinated activities help in understanding, analyzing and management of the group of employees. Group behavior is essential in the cohesiveness of the organization.

The last core topic of organizational behavior is the organizational system. This is important because this system is vital in achieving individual, group and organizational objectives and targets. The concepts of organizational system include: Organizational structure, work design, organizational culture, and Human Resources policies and practices. Macro organizational behavior tools like organizational learning, innovation and culture also facilitate a harmonious and well-organized organizational system. Furthermore, micro organizational behavior concepts concentrate on individual and group issues as well as job designation and interpersonal issues to ensure better equipped human resources for the organization.

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