How To Check Balance Of My Account In Indian Overseas Bank?


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If your Indian overseas bank has a website, they may also provide online account updates, balances, and other financial information to their accountholders. Checking your bank's account terms and searching Google for their website will be a great way to understand the rules and regulations of your particular bank. In general, most reputable banks do offer global banking services over the Internet. Most major banks and financial institutions will offer a full range of banking services on the World Wide Web, including balance checks, bill paying, wire transfers, stock trading (through a web-based trading service run by the bank), savings and checking information. If your bank does not offer these services online, you may want to investigate moving your funds to a more efficient provider who makes banking services available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on the Internet. This modern method of checking balances in an Indian bank can save plenty of money on:

 Long-distance phone calls
 Faxed inquiries
 "Snail mail" letters to banking officials

How To Bank Online

In some cases, all you need to do is punch in a simple password to access all of your account information in a format that is clear and simple to understand. You'll be able to change the password whenever you like, just to be certain your banking information remains private and secure at all times. For many people, online banking services have become the norm, rather than the exception.

Once you've created an online account with an Indian bank, be certain no one is standing near you when you punch in your special password. Always make sure you keep your passwords stored in a locked file or protected computer file. In the age of identity theft and Internet scams, it's very important to spend some time ensuring that the integrity of your password is not violated.
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You have to register yourself by way of easy banking, take the print out, ensure you visit the branch during the banking hour, hand over the concerned  officer who is responsible for the easy banking, once approved, you can not only view yours balance, but you can do transfers too , but please do not forget to write yours user id and email id too, and 15 digits account number , as simple, hope you liked it

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