How To Write A Letter To Bank Manager Requesting New ATM/Debit Card?


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Even though you may feel obliged to write a letter to your bank manager when you lose your debit card, it isn’t necessary to do this anymore, and it can in fact be dangerous. If you have lost the card which you use to withdraw money from a cash machine, you need to ring your bank immediately to ensure that the debit card is cancelled. If you don’t, there’s every chance that you could become a victim of identity fraud if your card and financial information falls into the wrong hands. Because of the real risk that card fraud poses, all banks now have a 24-hour hotline which you can contact for a replacement ATM card.

Usually, you will have to wait up to seven business days for your new debit card to arrive, but it will normally arrive slightly quicker than this. You should remember that the card number will be different from your previous one, and this means that any Direct Debits or online shopping accounts you may have will need to be updated accordingly. Security codes, start dates and expiry dates will also need to be changed and this can be found on the card.

Although it isn’t necessary, you may feel compelled to get a new PIN number, too. Usually, when you ring up the lost debit card service, the operator will provide you with the chance to request a new four-digit code. Although this can be good for security, this may mean you have to wait longer before you are able to use your new debit card. This is due to the fact that your PIN number is mailed separately to you for security purposes. After all, if the envelope with your card and PIN number was to be lost or intercepted, who knows what havoc could be wreaked!
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I have broken my ATM card for the account number 1234678. I would like to apply for the duplicate ATM card. I hope you would grant my request as soon as possible
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Hello I'm in bangalore... I have accout in kotagiri bank.... Now applying atm can I collect the card
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Your address

Dear Sir/Madam,
Your name as shown on the card and number

I have damaged the above card and would appreciate it if you would send me a replacement.
Yours faithfully,
Your signature
Printed name

Name of company and address
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Why do you have to write them?  Just go to your branch and request one.  They will have to see your ID anyway so I don't think writing will do you any good.  Did you lose it?  If so, you better call them right away and have it canceled.  They will send you a new one.
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I sure would not waste time writing a letter!
Just pick up the phone and call them, or email them...this is not an unusual request for them...and I fear that a letter would just get lost somewhere!!!!!
We live, alas, in a computerized/email/instant communication world; and not always for the best!!!!

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