Is It Hard To Be A Chartered Accountant?


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'without training is quite hard; to be certified not so hard because you would have had training and advanced education and already an accountant . . Only not certified yet.
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Its not hard to be a CA, but like everything else, I suspect the powers that are make the process fairly difficult. Maybe to protect the "turf". The competency programs and the CPD hours etc force you to keep upgrading yourself, when the reality is you could spend your life in a job without needing any of the "professional development courses". Funnily though in addition to your membership fees, you also pay for these CPD courses ! Become a CA if you must, but I don't see a need for it because the criteria to become one is to pass an exam and gain specific (technical) and general practical experience, which anyone should be able to do with basic knowledge of accounting. How do you add value to the business as an Accountant - I have yet to find a CA who can answer this question.
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It is sometimes hard but not that much. Only I can say that it depend upon your own mind and needs patience while going throw this course.

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