Is It Likely That I Will Become A Chartered Accountant In The First Attempt?


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Training to become a chartered accountant is a challenging but rewarding experience. It is a professional course during which one has to face several exams, training and assessments before qualifying as a chartered accountant. Thus being a chartered accountant can be very demanding and rigorous. The pass percentage of chartered accountants is quite low as compared to other courses because of its tough and difficult nature.

But still it is possible to pass the exams at the first attempt if the person appearing for this exam is ready to put in a lot of hard work and follows certain steps like studying a certain amount every day without fail. Nowadays there are several classes which help students studying to pass the exams to become chartered accounts. These classes give valuable tips and added coaching that is particularly meant for passing these exams. Yet passing in the first attempt depends on the person appearing for the test and his intelligence, willpower and hard work.
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Chartered accountant is a world recognised course. Once you have a big knowledge in accountancy and commerce and also a hard worker you can easily reach the goal. I think ca can get a highest salary than mbbs student. So, chartered accountant is not a tough one when you are hard worker but it is very tough when you are in lazy and not interested in this subject.

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