What Values And Interests Are Needed To Become A Charted Accountant?


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To become an accountant you should first of all be mentally prepared, and sure about your perception of this job.You should have maths,business and account ,if you reach an extended level it will help you to be accepted in great universities.But your good result should be consistent till A level.
If you learn deeper maths or additional maths it will be of great help,some I.T may be involved.So at extended you'll get grade A*to G but to be accepted in this domain you should get at least a C moving up to an A*. \
So Good Luck!
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Information Technology
Principles of business
English Language
English Literature
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I think honesty and intelligence are the important ones
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You will definitely need A Levels OR AS Levels first after IGCSE !! But your subjects in IGCE's must include an A in maths,accounts, business  etc......
. Maths is an obvious one that you should be good at and have an A or C in IGCS in order to take it in As or A level
Further Maths is even better.
Other good subjects include Accountancy which is obviousBusiness Studies and IT.
Most importantly You'll need quite good grades of A's to C's mostly .Any others like D's in the subject you need to take wont be enough to get you to your goal =(
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 Chattered Accountant is a good choice of yours and I like it. Main I interested area for it is Tax computing and finance, it will help you to clear the fundamentals for chartered Accountant.

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