What Qualities Do I Need To Be A Chartered Accountant?


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• A chartered accountant is in charge of the preparation and detailing of financial statements for public presentation or private review. The position can include many roles such as consultation on economic affairs, personal and corporate tax assessment, accountancy, the making of a will, and administrative performance. A chartered accountant can also undertake the function of an executor to someone's estate, an organization's trustee or assume the primary responsibilities of liquidator in the event of insolvency.

• The choice of chartered accountancy is by no means an easy option. There are plenty of exams and hurdles to overcome, but once you're done you will have a broad field of jobs to choose from. Most students who undertake the training complete their professional assessments.

• To achieve success in accountancy traits such as reliability, honesty, intelligence and sound economic judgment are vital. A methodical approach to problems and the ability to look at a task critically are also essential, as is a strong determination and calmness under pressure - something that you will no doubt encounter throughout your career as a chartered accountant.

• You will need to have a strong mathematical mind and be at ease with the overwhelming quantity of numbers and figures involved with the job. You will need to be a good team player, but be self-motivated enough to carry out your work alone if required. In this job you have to be as much at home working on your own as you are being part of a group. In either case you are going to have to explain your work to others, whether they be clients or colleagues. Therefore you need to be a good communicator with excellent inter-personal skills.
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you want to be a chartered accountant, it is imperative for you to complete the post-graduation education along with having a
bachelor’s degree in a finance-related field. You should also have three years
of mentored work experience under an experienced CA. Your knowledge related to
auditing financial reporting, creating and maintaining accounting systems,
corporate finance, tax management, etc. Will help you to get the right job.
When you fulfill these requirements, you can apply for multiple chartered accountant jobs online with the help of Monster India.

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