What Subject Are Required At School Level For Being A Charted Accountant?


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To become a chartered accountant, a person needs to complete a four-year university program that includes a variety of business courses related to the study and practice of accounting within a specified accounting cycle. These course requirements will vary from country to country, but they usually include primary, intermediate, and advanced courses in financial accounting. Each university will have a detailed listing of courses which must be completed for credit. 

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Each nation will have an accredited association of chartered accountants; each country will also have universities which offer degree programs that can be used towards becoming a certified chartered accountant. It's important to check guidelines for each country and then to narrow down a selection of colleges or universities that offer the right course credits. By contacting a society of chartered accountants, it's possible to access a variety of information about this career path, including potential income, job opportunities, and requirements for certification.

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A career in accounting can be a stable, fulfilling way to earn money and contribute to society. The best accountants will be naturally organized, responsible, and able to deal with problems and stress. Accounting is performed according to a specific schedule known as an accounting cycle, and many tasks must be completed to meet deadlines and reporting guidelines. Accountants may work independently, as contractors, or they may be employed by corporations or smaller companies.

If a person is hard-working, has aptitude in math, and enjoys dealing with facts and figures and organizing information, accounting may be a fine career choice for him or her. Chartered accountants will earn a good salary, and they may be able to move through the ranks, taking on more responsibility over time. In some cases, an accountant may become a corporation's CFO, or chief financial officer.

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