What Question Do I Ask A Chartered Accountant I Wish To Employ?


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Where he studied, what subjects he was strongest at.
Where has he worked before applying for this position.
Why is he looking for a new job.
When did he qualify.
What does he dislike about being an accountant.
Is he happy with continually working to deadlines.
Does he have any ambitions of becoming a partner.
What was his attitude and relationship towards the clients, if any, he has dealt with in the past.
Can he work long hours to close accounts and finalise reports when there is a deadline.
All of these questions will help you understand his personality, and capacity, to better help you decide, if he can fit the position you are looking to fill.
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Hi I am a rajesh mittal from delhi I want to know to know that can I do chartered accountant course in hindi medium because my english is so week so I can not handle in english and what is future for hindi c.a  I am very confused think so that what will you suggest me and what will be best for me other then c.a course please suggest me what is best for me  presently I working in c.a office as a accountant

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