What Happens When You Have No Money, And No Job And You Cant Pay Your Credit Cards And You Cant Claim Bankruptcy ?


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You can claim bankruptcy. Did you apply for assistance? They will help so you can get food stamps to feed the children and give you cash assistance. They also can help you find a job. Don't worry about those creditors they are just trying to scare you, you told them why you can't pay , but put it in writing to all of them and have it notarized and send it to them. If you don't have you don't have it, but I pray everything has work out for you or will, but stay srorg for your children, because you are all they have if their mother is sick. Be Bless
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You need to get some kind of work right away. What I did last time I was having hard times I get a job delivering pizzas, not a way to make a living in the long term but it is easy and you get cash every night. Every town has a pizza delivery shop and they are always hiring. If you don't have a car, try to make a deal with a friend to borrow one. You could offer to pay their insurance or something. You could always get a job at a restaurant too, they are always looking for kitchen help whether you have experience or not. You need to put your pride aside and take any job you can find right now. Who knows, it may lead to a better opportunity down the road. Another idea is to start selling some of your possessions on Ebay. You would be surprised how easy it is to list things and some of the things you might have lying around might be worth something to somebody. I would start with small items so the shipping will be low. The buyer pays you first and they pay the shipping before you send out anything so you will have no starting expenses. Give it a shot, you might be surprised. I have an Ebay store and I will be more than happy to help you any way I can to start selling.
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You can work at Day Labor... Its not much, but it's work and pay on a Daily basis. A lot of people don't realize that they can go to Temporary work agency's that post all kinds of jobs hiring out there. Thats why they are in business.  To provide this for people that lost there jobs and can not find one at the moment.   Look through your local phone book for the nearest Day Labor places. I'm sure you will find some.  Just till you can find a permanent job. Thats the best advice I  can give..
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They are some credit company that do hardship times, not to much knowledge on it but my mom did and gave her some help also hate to say it prepaid legal aid can help but when funds are low you don't want to soend with out results. When I went on disability in aug 07 I called and the worse ones made 20.00 a week payment so sorry I feel the pain and distress.I live in san diego,ca and found this book it help in some areas so others could get paid try for one in you city  in my city it is San Diego County Womens Resourse Guide Fourth Edition email is [email protected] Web site is wrg.org  it is about 158 pages great info.

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