I Owe My Bank Money. They Call Me All The Time But I'm Too Scared To Answer. What Should I Do?


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Being in debt is really unpleasant for anyone. Sometimes we get drawn into debt through no fault of our own. What you have to understand is that unless you face what is happening you will end up in a much worse position.
The longer you take to act, the more trouble you will be in, and the less options you will have to help you out.

before you answer the call, look at what trouble you are in. See where your debts are, and how much. Look at your monthly income and subtract your bills. The money you have left over is what you have to distribute.

When you speak to the bank DO NOT offer them any more money than you can absolutely afford to each month. If you can't afford to make the arranged repayments you will end up in more trouble.

If you need more help you can speak to the national debt helpline to get advice, and be referred to an advisor for support. Remember the person on the other end of the phone has nothing against you. Once you've faced this it will get easier.
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Thanks, this has been amazingly helpful. I wish I had read it much earlier than now. I have always been afraid to face the issue head on, thinking its degrading but whats more degrading than making promises you cant keep and not showing up to explain matters and seek professional help.

D. J. Accra, Ghana

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