Can I File For Bankruptcy Without A Job?


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Regine Kelly answered

Of course you can file for bankruptcy even you have no job but still you need to pay for you  bankruptcy costs. Try to ask some financial adviser or some insolvency expert about this!

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Charles Bosse answered
You can always file for bankruptcy even if you don’t have a job, as long as you are qualified and very willing to settle all your debts.

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Jaimie JT answered

Yes. No ramble required . Edit : I have no idea how this old as' question came up to me so I guess a little ramble is required <---- I really feel like this ramble wasn't my fault but I have no idea how I stumbled apon this old as' question so wtf 

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Anonymous answered
Hi, yes you can file for bankruptcy if you are unemployed but you still have to pay the costs to go bankrupt.

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