Did You Knew About The Performance Appraisal Of National Bank Of Pakistan?


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It is the process by which the bank evaluate it performance. More over it is about the employee performance and the accountability. As the world is now global village and your competitor is watching you, so the organizations need high performance. At the same time the employees need back on their performance guide for their future behavior.

So the output of the organization depends upon the feedback provided to the employee timely. Especially the newcomer to the organization needs to understand their jobs and their work setting. The longer-service employees also want positive feedback on the good things they do. So the NBP is a organization where the management feels about the employees.

The employees feel sense of belongingness in return. HRD section always takes this opportunity to evaluate the performance of the employees. The appraisal system also helps the management of the NBP to help the managers with placement, pay, and other HR decisions. The HRD section of the NBP carries out the appraisal for the following uses;
It allows the employee, the Manager to take necessary about the improvement of the performance.

The system also helps in promotion and pays increase of the deserving employees after their evaluation and also prepares the next person for the succession plan.

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