Discuss The Limitations Of Traditional Methods Of Performance Appraisal?


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The traditional performance appraisal system, the most important drawback is that companies continue to operate such a fundamental value targets not included in the scope of performance appraisal. Shortcomings of traditional performance appraisal to the enterprises is the most direct impact on enterprise operation and management of short-term behavior to determine whether the enterprise is the basic indicators of success: Each quarter, it had completed the expected profit goals? When can companies listed? In such a performance-oriented, inspected and investigated the potential of enterprise development, operators and managers of professional quality becomes insignificant. Accordingly, companies in the selection of people when the selection criteria has changed and therefore, one-sided emphasis of the work performance, the so-called "No matter black or white, can be catching mice is a good cat," the organization loyalty, integrity and other basic professional quality character is often neglected, which makes those who are not professional quality sound from entering the corporate management possible.

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