When National Bank Was Established In Pakistan. History Of National Bank In Pakistan?


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In 1949
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The formation of Pakistan in 1947 created the necessity for its people to make an undaunted effort towards economic stability. The initial contributions and those made in good time have made Pakistan a nation to reckon with. One of the major contributions was made by the National Bank of Pakistan.

The humble effort that took shape in 1949 has grown into a business partner of the Government of Pakistan. The headquarters of National Bank of Pakistan or NBP is in Karachi. Today, the bank operates over a thousand branches all over Pakistan. It provides commercial and public sector banking to the citizens of Pakistan and a number of white label financial products. The National Bank of Pakistan chronicled assets worth $9 billion in 2004! NBP Capital and the NBP Exchange Company are just two subsidiaries of the National Bank of Pakistan. All affiliated ventures are dedicated towards making the banking industry in Pakistan self-reliant and financially strong. Today, Pakistan may be a developing nation, but it is in no way dependent on any other nation for the sustenance of its people or its economy and due credit needs to be given to the National Bank of Pakistan. The focused initiative and vision have enabled the nation to emerge victorious against all odds and usher in the 21st century with great pride.
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National Bank of Pakistan (the Bank) was established on November 9, 1949 under the National Bank of Pakistan Ordinance, 1949.
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The National Bank of Pakistan is the foremost bank determined to set higher standards of achievement. It is the key business partner for the Government of Pakistan with special emphasis on nurturing Pakistan's economic growth through aggressive and impartial lending policies. The main functions of National bank of Pakistan are to provide commercial banking and related services in Pakistan and abroad. It also handles treasury transactions for the Government of Pakistan as an agent to State bank of Pakistan. It has 1,224 branches in Pakistan and 18 abroad (including the Export Processing Zone Branch Karachi). Under a trust deed, the Bank also provides services as trustee to National Investment Trust (NIT), including supervision of securities on behalf of NIT. It has its head office in Karachi.
According to the statistics of 2004, it has assets worth $9 billion. It offers a wide range of services to its customers and recognizes the significance of efficient business delivery and providing well-timed solutions. It also provides internet banking and moreover, they have recently set up the Financial Institution Wing. The role of this wing is to effectively manage NBP's exposure to foreign and domestic correspondence and to manage the financial aspect of NBP's association with the correspondents to support trade, treasury and other key business areas; thereby contributing to the bank's productivity.

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